Offering building plans / blueprints for small structures including garages and workshops with loft / living space. Family owned and operated for 3 generations.

Our Construction Plans are in sets on 18"x 24" sheets ('C' size) or larger and include:

  • Detailed construction notes and design data.
  • 1/4" scale drawings for elevations, foundation plan, and floor plan(s)
  • Door and window schedules, kitchen cabinet plan and schedules (for plans with kitchens)
  • 1/2" scale building/stair cross section(s) showing materials and other construction details
  • 1/4"scale framing plans are included for most 2 story design
  • Plumbing fixture locations are shown on the floor and framing plans where applicable
  • Foundations shown are for a poured concrete frost wall on footings, suitable for New England. Plans can be adjusted by builder for conditions and codes

Electrical, HVAC and plumbing should be installed, to code requirements, by licensed professionals and are not shown. We recommend that you discuss fixtures, outlets, etc. with your builder and subcontractors before construction. You and your builder can determine material substitutions for materials shown on the plans if required.

Modifying Plans, Building Codes, and Construction Costs

Modifying Plans - Modifications such as relocating windows and doors, changing sizes, etc. can be done prior to construction by your builder. You and your builder should check with you building department for compliance with all local codes and zoning before construction.

Building Codes – Our plans are drawn to BOAC and CABO codes and effect at the time they were created. Because codes are subject to frequent change, local requirements, and varying interpretations, we cannot guarantee compliance with any specific codes or requirements. You and your builder and local building department must review and adjust the plans for code requirements prior to construction. You and your builder can determine material substitutions for materials shown on the plans if required.

Construction Costs – We cannot do building cost estimate since materials and labor very for different locales and different conditions. You should be able to get free estimates from builders if they know you are serious about building. That's where a good set of plans can help so you know everyone is bidding the same job. Be sure to allow plenty of time for estimates and planning . Estimated done with an adequate time allowance will be more accurate than those which are rushed and include "guess-timates" and "just in case we forget something" numbers.

Satisfaction - We make every effort to produce plans that are accurate, understandable, and efficiently planned. If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact us as soon as possible by phone or e-mail and we will do our best to correct the problem to your satisfaction.

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